Instructions for completing the on line application

2019 applications for most scholarships will be via an online application.


The application form must be completed in one sitting and so you need to be prepared before you start.  You do not have the option to save and return to the form.

Things that you will need include your:

  1. personal details
  2. academic details including transcript
  3. academic referee details and reference (to copy and paste into the application, and to attach)

Long answer questions:

The online application form has a series of selection boxes and some long text boxes.

We recommend that for the long text boxes you prepare each response in word editing program such as Word, and when you are happy with the response that you copy and paste it into the form.

The long answer questions are:

Q1. Please list any awards or scholarships held by you, including your primary award if relevant. 300 words

Q2:  What are your future aspirations?  300 words

Q3: What are your academic achievements? 300 words

Q4: How have you shown leadership? Include your involvement in community organisations, interests or personal development. 300 words

Q6:  PhD and Honours students only.  Information about your research project objectives, approach and other information.  500 words

Q7:  Academic reference provided by your referee:  Please provide information about the student’s character, achievements and leadership potential.  The original document must be attached as a PDF in addition to the information in this field.


You need to attach two documents:

  1.  Your academic reference as a PDF
  2. Your current academic transcript, or for first year scholarship applications your Tertiary Entrance Statement.