Guide for completing an online application form

Applications for 2019 Playford Trust university scholarships must now be completed online.


Carefully read the selection criteria for the scholarship you intend to apply for and make sure you are eligible to apply. You may use the same form to apply for more than one scholarship, provided you meet the selection criteria for each one. The Playford Trust will only award a single scholarship to any one applicant.

The application form must be completed in one sitting, so you need to be prepared before you begin. You do not have the option to save and return to the form.

You will need to include your:

  1. personal details
  2. academic details, including transcript, or Record of Achievement together with Tertiary Entrance Statement for first year scholarship applicants
  3. academic referee details and reference (to copy and paste into the application, and to attach)

Questions requiring detailed answers

The online application form has a series of selection boxes and some long text boxes with questions requiring detailed answers. We strongly recommend you prepare your detailed answers by using the application template available here. Alternatively, you could use a word editing program, such as Microsoft Word. When you are happy with your responses to each question, copy and paste the text into the relevant box.

Questions requiring detailed answers

Q1: List any awards or scholarships you hold currently or have been awarded in the past. These can include both academic and community awards and prizes. Note: the Trust requires PhD applicants to be supported by an APA or equivalent award. Up to 300 words

Q2: Provide a brief statement about your study and career aspirations.  Up to 300 words

Q3: Describe your academic achievements.  Up to 300 words

Q4: Describe how have you have demonstrated leadership. This could include your involvement in community, sporting or special interest organisations, or any other relevant personal achievements. Up to 300 words

Q5 and Q6: PhD, fourth year and Honours students only. What is the title of your proposed research project? Provide an outline of your proposed research. Include information about the key objectives of your project and your proposed approach to this work. Up to 500 words

Q7: Provide an academic referee statement including comments about your achievements, character and leadership abilities. The original statement signed and dated by your academic referee must be attached as a PDF in addition to entering the text of your referee’s statement in this field.

Your academic referee must be your current supervisor or a senior academic, such as the dean of school or senior lecturer. If applying for a first-year scholarship, a suitable referee would be your school principal, an assistant principal, or a relevant senior member of staff.

It may be helpful to send the last page of the application template to your academic referee as a guide to completing their statement.


You will need to attach two documents:

  1. Your academic reference as a PDF
  2. Your current academic transcript or for first year scholarship applicants: your Record of Achievement together with your Tertiary Entrance Statement that details your ATAR.