The Playford Trust in partnership with the Thyne Reid Foundation offers two PhD scholarships intended to supplement an existing Australian Post Graduate Award (APA) or similar award for students planning to carry out research in the Trust’s priority areas.

Each scholarship is valued at $17,500 and is paid at the rate of $5,000 per annum for three and a half years.  The Trust will accept an application for an extension of time, subject to satisfactory progress and appropriate support from the university and the PhD supervisor.  However, approval of an extension is not automatic.

Applications close Friday 19 January 2018

Selection Criteria

The Playford Trust calls for nominations from each of the three South Australian universities.  The universities are expected to select the highest calibre students through an internal process that takes account of the following selection criteria:

  • Students are commencing a PhD degree in 2018 with The University of Adelaide, Flinders University or the University of South Australia in the following priority areas for the Trust:
    • Agriculture, aquaculture and food production
    • Water and energy
    • Health sciences and enabling technologies
    • Advanced manufacturing and new technologies
    • Mining and resources development.
  • An APA or equivalent award primarily supports students.
  • Students are Australian citizens or a holder of a permanent resident visa, and are South Australian residents who are likely to spend a significant part of their career in South Australia or are likely to provide a benefit to the State.
  • Students are high achievers, with an excellent undergraduate academic record.
  • Students are of good character with preference given to students that display leadership potential.

The student’s supervisor or an academic referee such as the dean of school, head of department or senior lecturer is required to comment about the student’s achievements, character and leadership potential.

The Playford Trust in consultation with the Thyne Reid Foundation will make the final selection.