Our Partnership with Iluka Resources

International mineral sands company Iluka Resources will fund one $20,000 scholarship for a student enrolling in mining engineering at The University of Adelaide and commencing their studies in 2022.

The successful student will receive $10,000 each year for the first two years of their course and have the opportunity to develop a career-enhancing relationship with the company.

Recognising the growing demand for engineering expertise in the mineral sands industry to provide critical minerals essential for global and sustainable development, the South Australian Government has pledged to match industry-funded scholarships. This means that one additional scholarship will involve Iluka. One will be named the Iluka Playford Trust Mining Engineering Scholarship and the other will be named the SA Government /Iluka  Playford Trust Mining Engineering Scholarship. Click here for more information about these scholarships.

With 70 years’ industry experience, Iluka is a leading global producer of zircon and the high-grade titanium dioxide feedstocks rutile and synthetic rutile. Additionally, Iluka has an emerging position in rare earth elements (rare earths).

Iluka has expertise in exploration, development, mining, processing, marketing, and rehabilitation. The company’s portfolio includes mining and value additive processing operations in Australia and Sierra Leone; projects in Australia, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka; and a globally integrated marketing and distribution network.

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