The Playford Trust in partnership with WSP offers up to two $7000 engineering and science scholarships for students in Honours or 4th year engineering, with a preference given to students studying electrical and mechanical engineering.

WSP is a globally recognised professional services firm employing over 36,000 people, mainly engineers, technicians, scientists, architects, planners, surveyors, other design professionals, as well as various environmental experts. The firm provides services to transform the built environment and restore the natural environment, and its expertise ranges from environmental remediation to urban planning, from engineering iconic buildings to designing sustainable transport networks, and from developing the energy sources of the future to enabling new ways of extracting essential resources.

The successful applicants will have the opportunity to develop their skills and enhance their industry participation through a summer vacation placement with WSP. The scholarship allows for up to 8 weeks of work experience with WSP.  The work experience and level of commitment will be negotiated between the successful students and WSP.

Work projects may range from technical engineering design, site inspections/visits/surveys, and design modelling within either the Transport, Property Resources, Environment or Water sectors within WSP, through to participation in working groups focussing on internal operations and efficiency.

As a business that pro-actively supports and engages in sustainable design practices, WSP seeks to sponsor students with enthusiasm and drive, to deliver outcomes that add value to its business and to its clients.

Applications close Monday 29 October 2018.

Selection Criteria

The Trust will consider the nominations from students or from the universities and reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the nominations.  It will make the final selection jointly with WSP, with an interview process undertaken on the final shortlisted applicants. The decision will be based on the following selection criteria:

  • Students are enrolled to undertake Honours or fourth year engineering at one of the three South Australian universities, with a preference given to students studying electrical and mechanical engineering.
  • Preference will also be given to students who have a keen focus on developing skills in technical engineering and consulting, and have confidence and experience with human interaction and digital communication.
  • Students are Australian citizens or a holder of a permanent resident visa, and are South Australian residents who are likely to spend a significant part of their career in South Australia or are likely to provide a benefit to the State.
  • Students are high achievers, with an excellent undergraduate academic record.
  • Students are of good character with preference given to students that display leadership potential.

The student’s supervisor or an academic referee such as the dean of school, head of department or senior lecturer is required to comment about the student’s achievements, character and leadership potential.