The Playford Trust in partnership with the three South Australian Universities offer a total of 12 scholarships of $5,000 each annually to South Australians intending to study at Honours level in the priority areas of the Trust.

There are four scholarships allocated to each of the three universities and the universities are asked to nominate students for the consideration of the Trust.  It is expected that the universities will select the highest calibre students through an internal process that takes account of the selection criteria.

Students must be  undertaking an Honours degree with The University of Adelaide, Flinders University or University of South Australia in the following priority areas for the Trust:

  • Agriculture and food production
  • Water, energy and climate change
  • Advanced manufacturing and new technologies
  • Health sciences and enabling technologies
  • Mining and resources development.

Applications close Friday 19 January 2018

Selection Criteria

A panel with representatives from the Playford Trust will make the final selection.  The panel’s decision will be based on an assessment of the following:

  • Students are Australian citizens or a holder of a permanent resident visa, and are South Australian residents who are likely to spend a significant part of their career in South Australia or are otherwise likely to provide a benefit to the State.
  • Students are high achievers with an excellent undergraduate academic record.
  • Students are of good character with preference given to students who display leadership potential.

Being awarded an Honours scholarship does not preclude recipients from applying for a Playford Trust PhD scholarship. Students undertaking an MPhil instead of Honours will also be considered for scholarships.

The Trust will also consider a case where the university feels that a particular student has had to overcome a significant disadvantage that may have affected, to some degree, their academic record. In such instances, the university should indicate the nature of the disadvantage and make a case for its confidence in the ultimate success of the student in making an impact in their chosen field.

Awards will be made to students only when the nominating university is able to demonstrate a rigorous selection process behind their nominations.

The student’s supervisor, head of department or an academic referee such as the dean of school or senior lecturer is required to comment about the student’s achievements, character and leadership potential.

Disclosure of any other awards or scholarships held by the student is required.