About the Playford Trust

The Playford Trust provides prestigious scholarships and awards for high-achieving South Australians. The Trust is an independent body which enjoys bi-partisan support from the Government, and operates under its own Deed.

Working with a range of partners, including Government, the tertiary education sector, industry, and the community, the Trust supports young South Australians to develop the research and skills base required to advance areas of strategic importance for South Australia.

The Playford Memorial Trust was established over thirty years ago in memory of Sir Thomas Playford, the State’s longest-serving Premier, who lead the State continuously for over 26 years. Many decisions were made during his tenure that helped to transform South Australia from a predominantly agricultural economy into the modern, innovative State that we know today.

The people behind the Playford Trust

Members of the Playford Memorial Trust Inc.

Members of the Playford Memorial Trust Inc.

The current Trust Members, under the Chairmanship of the Hon Dean Brown AO, bring extensive experience from a range of sectors and provide their services in a voluntary capacity.

our staff

Our Staff

The work of the Playford Trust is supported by two part-time staff – Mary Anne Fairbrother, Executive Officer, and Vicki Evans, Scholarships Executive.

Who receives our grants?

Playford Trust scholarships and grants are awarded on a competitive basis to high achieving University and TAFE SA students studying areas of strategic importance to South Australia. These include:

  • Agriculture and Food Production
  • Water, Energy and Climate Change
  • Advanced Manufacturing and New Technologies
  • Health Sciences and Enabling Technologies
  • Mining and Resources Development

Sir Thomas Playford

Sir Thomas Playford

Sir Thomas Playford was South Australia’s longest serving Premier. Leading the State continuously for more than 26 years – from 1938 to 1965 – he set an all time record of service for an Australian head of government.  Many decisions made during his time in office transformed South Australia from a predominantly agricultural economy to a modern industrial state.