Welcome to the New Year, and a new associated group.

The Playford Trust Scholars Association (PTSA) is a group of enthusiastic individuals from different academic backgrounds. These range from Tafe Certification to University Degrees – all with one amazing thing in common: we are all recipients of Awards from the Playford Memorial Trust.

We share, grow together and mentor each other, using the passion and talent that was recognised by the Playford Trust when we were all granted our awards and scholarships. We are excited as our primary focus is to promote current and future award recipients with strong networks and candid communications.

The PTSA has a formal committee that meets several times a year to discuss award ceremonies, and ideas for future activities. The Association has some great ideas for up and coming events including: PTSA 2015 Launch Party, cocktail parties, a fun science quiz night and a more formal 30th Anniversary dinner…to mention only a few!

Please help us grow the PTSA family by getting in touch and updating your details and don’t forget to go to Facebook and join the group at The Playford Scholars Association to ensure you don’t miss out!

Dr Kate Delaporte on behalf of PTSA