News from Past Scholars

June 2018

Wendy Maddocks – TAFE SA /Playford Trust Scholarship 2008

Director Balanced Habitats

I was 14 and on my own when I decided that educating myself was going to be my life saviour. I believed education would give me a chance of a positive productive and useful life.

Being from a disadvantaged family meant that university was not achievable at that time, so I undertook the VET and TAFE SA educational pathways. I have had great success, completing Certificates 1, 2 and 3 in Conservation, plus a National Parks and Wildlife Service Traineeship and Balanced Habitats Apprenticeship.

In 2008, while completing my Environment Worker Apprenticeship, I was most grateful to be awarded a Playford Trust award. It was an amazing verification of all the efforts I had made. I consider it to be my life achievement award and am so proud to be a Playford Trust Scholar.

The scholarship meant that I could pay for my diploma and purchase my very first computer. I’ve also been really fortunate to engage with the Board and fellow scholars who are passionate and dedicated South Australians. I have been grateful to be included as an inaugural member of the Playford Trust Scholars Association, which has given me opportunities I could not have dreamed of.

With the support and direction of my workplace, TAFE SA, VET and the Playford Trust over many years, I’ve been able to achieve what I thought was impossible. I’ve now worked in my field of conservation for 15 years, achieved my complete educational requirements and have recently been appointed as Director for the company I work for. I have also been directly responsible for another seven Balanced Habitats staff gaining Playford Scholarships.

Balanced Habitats is a small company operating south of Adelaide and involved in a broad range of environmental conservation activities. My new role has different expectations, but I feel this is a natural evolvement in what has been a fantastically rewarding journey.