Our Partnership with Beach Energy

Beach Energy, Australia’s leading mid-cap oil and gas company, will fund one $20,000 scholarship for a student enrolling in petroleum engineering at The University of Adelaide.

The successful student will receive $10,000 each year for the first two years of their course and have the opportunity to develop a career-enhancing relationship with the company.

Recognising the growing demand for engineering expertise in an industry that is leading our technological future, the South Australian Government has pledged to match industry-funded scholarships. This means that one additional scholarship will involve Beach Energy.

One will be named the Beach Energy Playford Trust Petroleum Engineering Scholarship and the other will be named the SA Government/Beach Energy Playford Trust Petroleum Engineering Scholarship. 

Beach Energy is an ASX listed, oil and natural gas, exploration and production company headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia.

Founded in 1961, Beach has operated and non-operated, onshore and offshore, oil and natural gas production from five producing basins across Australia and New Zealand and is a key supplier to the Australian east coast natural gas market.

Beach’s asset portfolio includes ownership interests in strategic oil and natural gas infrastructure, such as the Moomba processing facility and Otway Gas Plant, as well as a suite of high potential exploration prospects.

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