Following on from a very successful inception meeting on 5th August, the Inaugural General Meeting of the Playford Scholars Association was held on the 18th of September, 2014.

At that meeting, Nick Anderson (TAFE 2008) was appointed President, supported by Sam Taylor (Playford Honours 2009), with Wendy Maddocks (TAFE 2008) as Secretary, Dr Susan Lee (Playford PhD 2006) as Treasurer and General Committee Members Jillian Saunders (TAFE 2012), Alex Falcinella (Playford Honours 2014, Regional Science & Engineering 2011), Peter Hardy (Playford PhD 2012), Niall Buggy (Playford Honours 2010), Mark McKenzie (Playford Honours 2009) and Rhys Murphy (Playford PhD 2010).

Dr Kate Delaporte (Playford PhD 1996 and Playford Trust Board Member) will contribute to the Association as a general committee member and Playford Trust Liaison. The new Association has some great ideas for existing and new scholars and TAFE alumni, including a presence at both annual award presentation events, reunion events, a Quiz Night Fundraiser, and a Symposium at a future Award Presentation evening to showcase the achievements of current Scholars.

The goals now are to get all past, present and future scholars and TAFE Alumni involved in the Association and to organise a near-Christmas informal gathering.