The Playford Trust provides awards for TAFE SA students undertaking study in the following areas: Horticulture, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Conservation and Land Management, Mining and Exploration, Spatial Information and Surveying and Food Technology. These awards aim to assist students in their future studies. Up to five Playford Award Scholarships of $2,000 each are offered to TAFE SA students.

In 2016, in partnership with the Adelaide Hills Council, the Playford Trust is offering two additional awards of $2,000 each for TAFE SA students living in the Adelaide Hills Council who are studying in areas that are relevant to the Council’s community. Students living in the Council area and studying Agriculture, Horticulture including Landscape Design, Wine and Viticulture and Animal Care are encouraged to apply. These awards aim to assist students in their future studies, and students may apply at any stage of their TAFE SA study program.

Selection Criteria

A panel with representatives from the Playford Trust, TAFE SA and the Adelaide Hills Council where relevant, will make the final selection. The panel’s decision will be based on an assessment of the following:

  • Commitment to the issues directly related to the course of study
  • Excellent demonstrated understanding of the course of study
  • The ability to work in a team and provide leadership
  • Excellent work ethic and attitude to learning

Verbal evidence provided by your referee contacts. It is essential you provide TWO referee contact details from your Lecturers/Employers for the panel to contact.

Students applying for the Adelaide Hills/Playford Trust/ TAFE SA Awards are asked to include information about their future aspirations and demonstrate how following their aspirations may contribute to the wellbeing of the Adelaide Hills Council community.

The application form includes several questions which need to be addressed by applicants to assist the panel in their assessment.